The Family Behind The Edgar Grind

What Happens Here

About The Edgar Grind

Dawn & Emmanuel and their five daughters live in Edgar. They currently own and operate a few businesses. Dawn and Emmanuel have a passion for helping others, and with that passion and Dawn's drive to open a safe place for the people of Edgar, the Edgar Grind was created. Having children in school with no place to go year-round, she wanted to change that.

At The Edgar Grind, we strive to create a coffee shop and lounge that will function as an educational resource for individuals eager to familiarize, associate, and learn more about the benefits of growing spiritually. Our lounge will serve as a safe community hub for socialization, innovation, and spiritual growth.

Giving Back To Our Roots

10% of all proceeds monthly will be going to a local charity, group, or fundraiser. Please follow us on social media at The Edgar Grind on facebook and Instagram to see each month. Every Sunday proceeds will be distributed to local Christian churches.

Cross in coffee

Our Coffee Partner

Bella Goose Coffee

Based in Wisconsin Dells, WI, Bella Goose Coffee was crafted around the simple idea of coffee creating community. And with inhouse roasted beans and homemade syrups, Bella Goose wanted people to be greeted with coffee that was excellently crafted. The reach and vision of Bella Goose wasn't exclusive to a little Midwest tourist town however. As our founders traveled across Southeast Asia and witnessed various Red Light Districts, they could not unsee the women and men being exploited. They knew they needed to do something. The experience led them to the pursuit of combining anti-exploitation efforts with what the founders knew best: coffee. Bella Goose Thailand set out to create gateways to new beginnings by having cafes where people could be employed and empowered. By offering work and training programs and providing transition housing, women and men are building a life for generations to come.

Bella Goose Coffee Staff